Penn State

Staying put? Spring break delivers temporary transit, parking changes

Spring break is more than just that week when tumbleweeds roll through campus in March.

For many, it’s a time to leave behind the subzero wind chills and thermal layers of clothes in exchange for bikinis and board shorts in tropical locations where the only things icy are the slushy blended drinks.

That’s what I hear, anyway. I always worked over spring break, keeping me at home in Pennsylvania. Although I later lived in Florida and became well-aware of just what spring break looks like when college students swarm over a tourist town, I never actually experienced it from the other side.

But I’m not the only one. Not everybody stocks up on tanning supplies and heads out of town. Some people have jobs. Some people have projects they need to knock out. Some people may want to take advantage of skiing or other recreation activities closer to home. Others might want to enjoy every single minute of non-class time with no travel involved, spending it all on sleeping in and binge-watching “The Bachelor.”

What that means is, there may still be some people in town who need to use public transportation. Just not as many as last week. Don’t worry, though. Accommodations have been made.

From March 7-14, there will be no White Loop or Green Link service, but Blue Loop and Red Link will still run on a reduced schedule. Everything goes back to normal March 15. The university’s Paratransit Shuttle will be out of service until March 16.

Parking changes up a little, too, with fewer cars around. As CATA services are scaled back, faculty and staff commuter permits will be valid at the East, Eisenhower and Nittany parking decks, Lot Red A and all orange lots Monday through Friday.

If you are a student, the university says all parking rules remain the same.