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On Centre | Penn State: A picture is worth a thousand words — and $35

There are a few iconic experiences you just have to do at Penn State.

You need a scoop of Peachy Paterno. OK, fine, other favors are optional, but get thee to Berkey Creamery.

You have to drape yourself in a chair at the HUB for some much needed downtime between classes.

You must get your picture taken at the Nittany Lion shrine. Uh-uh. No argument. Do it already!

And then there is Beaver Stadium.

The massive home of Penn State football is ever present. For some, it is where you tailgate, where you camp, where you engage in a little “Sweet Caroline” and cheering on a Saturday afternoon.

But out of the thousands of Penn State students that graduate each year, comparatively few have a chance to get up close and personal with the stadium.

But for graduation, well, for that you might get to immortalize your Penn State experience with a picture in place where Lions roar.

The All-Sports Museum will be giving the Class of 2015 the opportunity to take graduation photos at Beaver Stadium on a first-come, first-served basis. For $35, which goes to the museum collections and programs, you can get a picture of yourself, a proud Nittany Lion in its natural habitat.

You never know what pieces of your college experience are going to be memorable later on. That lit class from sophomore year, or that night you spent talking to your roommate over grilled stickies at the Diner for hours.

But sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words, or a thousand memories mosaiced together into a crazy quilt of four years you can hang on the wall.

Say cheese.