Penn State

Woman heads to trial on lease fracas

A woman who tried to tear up her lease will be moving toward trial.

Jeanne Sung, 20, of University Park, came into the office at the Meridian apartments on East College Avenue on April 6, unhappy about the lease the Penn State student signed a week or so before.

According to testimony at her preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Sung argued with a leasing agent, then argued with the property manager, asking for a copy of the lease, and then the original. When the property manager said she couldn’t turn over the original because it was company property, things got heated.

Eventually, the manager testified, Sung tried to leave with the document. When the manager took her arm, telling her the lease contract had to stay in the office, she says Sung “smacked” her in the left side of the face and the manager fell back and hit her head. She would later be diagnosed with a concussion.

Sung then left the building and tried to destroy the contract in the parking lot. She was charged with tampering with records, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and simple assault, all misdemeanors.

Her attorney, Philip Masorti, argued that, as a party to the contract, the document was as much hers as it was the company’s. He also protested the contract being considered property at all and claimed that the dispute was really a civil matter.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Lathrop protested that the incident definitely fell in the criminal realm, and District Judge Stephen Lachman agreed, binding Sung over for trial on all charges.

Sung remains free on her own recognizance.