Board of Trustees

Penn State: More than 9,200 vote in first day of board of trustees election

More than 9,200 Penn State alumni had voted as of 5 p.m. Wednesday on the first day of the race for three alumni seats on the university’s board of trustees.

A whopping 9,226 were confirmed to have voted, according to the website There are 39 candidates on the ballot.

The figure represents almost a quarter of the number of alumni who voted last year, when more than 37,000 had voted. Ten days into the voting period last year, 19,700 alumni had cast ballots.

The number of votes is likely more though, as each alumnus can vote for up to three candidates.

A comparable number to the first day of the election last year, when there were 86 candidates, was not immediately available.

Voting continues through May 2.