Board of Trustees

Kathleen Pavelko, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Pavelko:

•  public broadcasting executive and president/CEO of WITF

•  1975, B.A. History; 1979 M.A. Journalismkkk

•  From Harrisburg

Penn State has shaped and enriched my life. I seek your support to give back to the university what it needs today, and what I have learned as an executive and as a non-profit board leader.

The university needs trustees who will make decisions as I have learned to do so: in an orderly, informed and transparent way. I believe the BOT needs members whose top priority is securing and serving the educational and research mission of the University, not representing professions or societies.

There are many challenges facing Penn State, and they are not limited to addressing the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal. Reform of the governance of the board is a priority that will take persistence and leadership. The board must work diligently to restore the bonds of respect among alumni, staff, faculty and the Commonwealth. Maintaining academic excellence while improving affordability for students may be the biggest challenge of all.

This is my pledge: I will be a board leader. I will be focused on the mission of the University. And I will do everything I can to insure that Penn State will continue its incomparable service to the commonwealth and the nation.

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