Board of Trustees

Pratima Gatehouse, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

•  Vice president of product design/partner, Park 7,

•  1996, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; 2010 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


Residence: Short Hills, N.J.

The Board of Trustees determines the goals of the University and influences its culture. My key platform points are: fiscal responsibility to keep tuition down, reevaluation of the Board’s role and responsibilities, improvement of the Penn State brand and securing Paterno’s legacy. My engineering background, entrepreneurial experience and straight-forward personality will make me an effective Trustee.

Penn State has about one billion dollars of debt, and its students are graduating with an average debt burden ranked number one nationally. As an alumni-elected trustee, I would use my experiences as a dual degree graduate, seven year University volunteer, committed donor, Beaver stadium suite owner, and Asian female to institute solutions that engage alumni in innovative ways that minimize the debt burden immediately and improve the brand long term, while keeping tuition down.

First and foremost Penn State is a research and academic institution, but I believe honoring the Paterno legacy is important and will augment the Penn State brand. The best way to do this is to implement the novel aspects of the Paterno Fellows Program (paid internships and scholarships for hard work) throughout the university.

Penn State’s reputation as an academic powerhouse is creating opportunities for growth and excellence at a much faster pace than ever before. As a relatively young Penn State graduate, who connects with multiple Penn State Colleges, campuses and interest groups, I am especially qualified to work with students, alumni, administrators and donors to help make the best possible Penn State.