Board of Trustees

Eugene Bella, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Bella:

The following reforms are needed for the board of trustees (BOT) to function effectively:

1. Understand causes of mistakes the past two years and correct the root causes. This needs to be done before “moving forward” responsibly and will bring various reforms.

2. Reduce voting size to approximately 21 members.

3. The BOT normally has six meetings a year. The present situation requires more meetings, as well as more subcommittees with charters other than the normal governing. This allows changes to be implemented with other committees fulfilling their responsibilities to help govern the university.

4. Better communicate proceedings to keep alumni informed, improve transparency, and ensure decisions reflect alumni feedback.

5. Members must be proactive. Also, because of the prime objective of restoring our reputation, the trustees must expend more time to the position. This may have an effect on full-time jobs or demanding personal situations.

6. Develop processes to better monitor performance of officers. A BOT responsibility is adviser to the president. The BOT must ensure the president publicly communicates the great things about PSU (research, alumni, Thon, athletes’ graduation rates, high academic rankings, WSJ No. 1 ranking of graduates to hire, and many more) instead of accepting what people hear from what the media have perpetrated.

My experience in leadership, communications, problem solving, and teamwork, as detailed in my website, will make me an effective trustee. I identify with alumni concerns, am retired, have no business ties, and can devote full time as a trustee.

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