Board of Trustees

Thomas Conley, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Conley:

•  U.S. Department of State (senior advisor) and D.C. Air National Guard (executive airlift pilot)

•  2001, B.S. in civil engineering

•  From Washington

My years in the military have taught me that you’re only as good as your reputation. While students and alumni worldwide will play a necessary and genuine role in rebuilding Penn State’s reputation, the tone set by the board is vital to the university’s future. A key component of transformation is reinforcing the university’s integrity.

I plan to make myself accessible as a trustee. I will have an online presence and open line of communication, where alumni can complete surveys and write emails to express concerns regarding critical issues.

As a trustee, I will help alumni learn ways they can volunteer, advocate and give — as we all work to rise up Penn State once again.

The role of an alumni trustee is a serious responsibility, especially with Penn State’s critical need to promote ourselves as a top university worldwide. I am one of the younger candidates, which lends value to my election and service. My time as a campus leader is fresh. I realistically know the demands on new graduates in terms of starting our careers and improving our communities once we leave the gates of Old Main.

My commitment to engaging young adults in rebuilding the credibility of public institutions such as Penn State led me to co-found the Public Service Pledge. Core principles of the Public Service Pledge include the integrity, courage, empathy and responsibility of our public leaders. These are the same tenets I will follow once elected as trustee, a role I am honored to serve.

Learn more:;; @Conley4PSU