Board of Trustees

John Diercks, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Diercks

•  Retired

•  1963, 1967g, 1975g in Meteorology

•  From State College

The Pennsylvania State University is a great academic and research institution. Unfortunately, a nationally publicized child abuse scandal and the way the Board of Trustees resolved it have damaged the university’s reputation. As an Air Force officer for 26 years and a commander for 8 of those years, I’ve handled many difficult situations and will bring a different perspective to the board.

I believe the board should:

1) Restore Penn State’s public reputation for outstanding teaching and research to what it was prior to the Sandusky scandal.

2) Take an active role in contesting/repealing the unjust NCAA sanctions against Penn State that have so severely impacted the university, football program, local community, and demeaned the reputation of a great coach.

3) Complete a thorough review of the board’s charter, bylaws, and standing orders to evaluate the number of members required for a more effective governing board; increase the proportion of members democratically elected by the alumni at large; and ensure decisions are more transparent to alumni, faculty, and students.

4) Take a more active role in oversight of university finances and keep tuition increases at or below the rate of inflation.

As a dedicated Penn Stater, I will devote my efforts to restore the university’s image and strengthen the university in academics, research, athletics, student life, and community relations. Life-long experiences, residency in State College, past university employment, and ability to handle challenging tasks will make me a positive and productive member of the board.

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