Board of Trustees

Vincent Tedesco, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Tedesco:

•  Retired from Lockheed Martin in 2011

•  1964

•  From State College

Why vote for me? I will:

1. Apply my proven record of leadership, achievement and courage in representing the views of loyal alumni.

2. Defend our great university from those who want to “move on” rather than correct the mistakes made by the board of trustees and university leaders.

3. Ensure the board of trustees operates in an open manner — hiding nothing from the alumni, faculty and students.

4. Ensure that the board of trustees never again allows political correctness to outweigh what is morally right.

5. Work to return our wonderful university to its rightful place of honor as the top public university in the nation.

6. Reestablish Joe Paterno’s place of honor in our university.

7. Find a way to stop the ever-increasing cost of a Penn State undergraduate education.

I have no ambition beyond serving the best interests of the university and its alumni. I will do everything I can to prevent cowardly actions by the board from ever again staining the name of Penn State University. With your support, we will restore — “Success with Honor” — Coach Paterno’s standard.