Board of Trustees

William Cluck, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Cluck:

•  Self-employed as an environmental and land use attorney

•  1982, B.A. in speech communication

•  From Harrisburg

How should alumni voters determine which three of the 39 candidates are worth their vote? Use past performance as a predictor. I was president of USG, finished first in Thon independent category in 1982 and 1986, was tapped into Lion’s Paw and Skull and Bones. I have a reputation for honesty, integrity, civility and speaking truth to power. I have and will continue to ask tough questions. Visit my campaign website and review my biography.

Most candidates criticize the board’s response to the grand jury presentment, but I have actually done something about it. I was a member of the PS4RS legal committee and submitted a lengthy chronological analysis of the 1998 incident.

I have never been afraid to speak truth to power. Trustee Ken Frazier may have apologized for his racial outburst toward me at the last board meeting, but he has yet to respond to my 15 questions about the task force that retained Louis Freeh. If elected, I will continue to ask tough questions and fight for those answers, among many others. I have been an advocate my entire career.

The most important issue is selection of the next president. Addressing the high tuition and large student debt must be a priority. Reducing administrative positions must occur. Spending millions of dollars on public relations efforts without real transparency will not restore the public and alumni trust in the university.

Learn more:;; @cluck4psubot