Board of Trustees

Robert Bowsher, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Bowsher:

•  Accounting manager for Avitus, Inc. and a freelance writer

•  1986, accounting

•  From San Deigo

Keep the faith, fellow alumni. Penn State will be a better place when all is said and done.

To reach that place, we need to usher the Board of Trustees into a new era of genuine openness and transparency. As someone who came out of the closet to lead an openly gay life, I know how to face the challenges that a commitment to openness and transparency requires.

We also need the Board of Trustees to spend money more wisely. Instead of paying millions for public relations firms and consultants, the Trustees need to invest those funds in programs that directly benefit the Penn State community. With those millions, Penn State could retain and attract more top-notch faculty and staff. That money could also help make college educations more affordable for students.

In addition, Trustees should be allowed to inform the public when they don’t agree with a decision reached by the Board. Supreme Court justices can communicate dissenting opinions. Why can’t Board of Trustees members do the same? Standing Order IX, the set of rules that forbids trustees from communicating dissenting opinions, no longer serves the University’s best interests. It must be rewritten.

Fellow alumni, let’s join together to do what Coach Joe Paterno did for over 60 years: let’s make Penn State a better place.

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