Board of Trustees

Doreen Schivley, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Schivley:

•  Retired special education teacher from the Kent County, Maryland Public Schools

•  1978, Education of Exceptional Children(Special Education).

•  State College

The events of November 2011 as well as July 2012, are still alarming. The conduct and content of board of trustees meeting in January 2012, which I attended, flabbergasted me. I have never witnessed an educational board meeting conducted in such a pre-determined manner. Governance changes and fiduciary responsibility need to be implemented.

Board reorganization is a top priority, along with membership and size, as well as an examination of by-laws and standing orders.

A study of the role, responsibilities, and powers of the university president needs to be conducted from within the board. One figure should not have the power or authority to accept sanctions, such as the NCAA, nor agree to a consent decree, nor remove an icon without discussion, evidence and full board approval.

It is ludicrous that a body would approve the expenditures of millions of dollars for a flawed Freeh report without being completely reviewed and discussed by the board. It would be beneficial if the Paterno report would be examined in more detail. Blind acceptance of the Freeh Report raises concerns that the board has accepted other reports with little or no discussion or oversight.

I will openly communicate with my alumni stakeholders and be proactive rather than reactive. My Baldridge core values of honesty and integrity along with the 6 Pillars of Character Counts (respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, citizenship and caring) will continue to be applied to achieve success with honor.