Board of Trustees

Fred Riefkohl, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Riefkohl

•  Sr. Vice President, CSA Group

•  1987, B.S. finance

•  From Annapolis, Md.

I have an unmatched perspective and expertise in creating and managing growth, implementing change and applying growth capital.

My unique expertise, currently missing from the board, will translate into more accurate cost projections on capital improvements and thus substantial savings.

For example, my leadership was instrumental in converting a 40-person, single office engineering firm into a nationally-ranked, multi-national, 500+ employee firm. My success, in part, is also due to my ability to negotiate, listen and make tough decisions.

This has significant value as the university has been severely impacted by a drastic reduction in profit of almost 90 percent over the past year. Based on a 9 percent reduction in student applications, a 7 percent reduction in sports related revenue and a 20 percent reduction in alumni donations, we can expect a continued fiscal threat for the foreseeable future. I plan to help offset this by diversifying and expanding the student applicant pool, drilling down on expenses in order to reduce overhead, and creating efficiencies in capital projects management.

My 25+ years of board, executive and staff experience in finance and operations in the investment banking, information technology, construction, and engineering industries provide a strong foundation with which to face the challenges ahead.

Together we face numerous challenges, among them include changing demographics, reduced government appropriations, on-line education, and decreased alumni donations.

In my opinion, a lack of faith and trust in the current board and administrative leadership, along with the impact of online education, are real issues we need to consider in order to remain viable today, tomorrow and in the future. Help me make an impact through …

Trust, balance and teamwork.

Your vote for me will be well cast. My voice brings a vote for transparency, belief in the process as a valuable asset, and collaborative conversation as the source for alternative solutions through new and creative ideas.

Use your vote in this election to make a difference — help Penn State grow strong again, and consider casting one of your three ballots for me.

Thank you!

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