Board of Trustees

Mark Connolly, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Connolly:

•  Director — Intellectual Property, E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company Inc.

•  1984, doctorate

•  From West Chester

Much has happened since that sad week in November 2011. But what hasn’t happened is the board taking responsibility for flawed decisions and the acceptance of unprecedented and unwarranted NCAA sanctions that affect all university and State College constituents.

I compliment the November 2012 Wagner Special Report, and support most recommendations. We must elect a board that governs and provides oversight to the university, a board that is more transparent and accountable for decisions made (or not made). Let’s open up records and proceedings by supporting and complying with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know law. We are the Pennsylvania State University. With few exceptions, our operations should be public knowledge. The board should eliminate conflicts of interest, insider influence, and “lifetime” appointments. Its membership should be reduced substantially from 32 to 16 members, with a nonvoting attorney general. I support necessary modifications to the Standing Orders, and urge the Pennsylvania General Assembly to modify the charter to adopt the Wagner Report recommendations.

We are a great university, composed of world-class faculty, dedicated staff and accomplished alumni. I will work tirelessly to transform the board into a source of pride for all Penn State constituents.

Penn State now receives over $800 million annually in research funding. My experience as scientist, inventor and technical leader will help strengthen both government and industry support.

Finally, I received enough votes last year to finish fifth. I would very much appreciate your vote and support this year so I can become your advocate on the new board.

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