Board of Trustees

Barbara Doran, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Doran:

•  Morgan Stanley, Portfolio Manager and Private Wealth Advisor

•  1975, B.A. in English

•  From New York

Last year’s historic board of trustees election was a huge win for Penn State, as alumni held board members accountable for their failures in oversight and leadership by electing three new and reform-minded trustees.

But that was a year ago, and what has changed? Who is standing up for us now and pushing back against the flawed and sanctimonious Freeh report? Fighting back against the rogue actions of the NCAA? Where is the board restructuring and changes in governance to break the culture of insularity and nepotism that brought us here to begin with? Who has the credibility to lead us forward?

I am running for the board of trustees again because those responsible still govern and continue to fail us, and because I am passionate about this great university and the people who make it so.

We must show our students that the values taught in class about seeking truth and justice are real and worth fighting for. We must settle our governance issues and focus on the biggest challenges ahead: restoring the reputation of our university and finding innovative ways to maintain our proud heritage of public service as a major land-grant university, while making a first-rate college education affordable again.

With more than 25 years of leadership positions in business, nonprofit boards, and as a three-sport varsity athlete at Penn State, I stand ready to serve. I am proud to be working for the future of Penn State, and hope to have the chance to do more.

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