Board of Trustees

Robert Hooper, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Hooper:

•  Retired probation officer/child protection social worker/union president/lobbyist, current Retirement Fund Investment Committee member-Vermont Pension Investment Committee

•  1979, B.S. individual and family studies

•  From Burlington, Vt.

Many candidates are running because of a dissatisfaction with the solutions our current board members have implemented in response to the events of the past two years. This dissatisfaction is justified.

I believe the experience I bring to the situation will help to foster a new sense of clarity for our future plan of action.

I have hired and fired executive level staff ... have chaired the board of a fairly large organization for 10 years ... have sat on boards for more than 20 ... know the rules of order well ... have lobbied and testified in the legislature, introduced bills, organized support, and enjoyed watching their passage. ... I actively participate in the management of $3.7 billion in retirement funds for my state. ... I know the issue of child sexual abuse inside and out from a 30 year career. ... I am recently retired and can dedicate my full time to the job of trustee. ... I am willing to travel to alumni group meetings ... know enough to put up a website to keep constituents informed and have a ready means of communicating with alumni. ... I know what a fiduciary relationship and obligation are. ... I am ready to start working on Day 1, not just learning the ropes.

As alumni, we have a special relationship with this university.

We want what is best and we have the tools to deliver. I pledge to dedicate myself to doing whatever is necessary to bring back the stability and honor within the community our University deserves.

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