Board of Trustees

Amy Williams, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Williams:

•  Founder of SageWorks Rx llc

•  1980, B.S. in FSHA, health and human development

•  From Wayne

We all want change, what makes Amy different:

I will bring my professional skills in strategy, brand management, marketing communication, public relations and risk management as well as the perspective of the everyday alumnus. I take to heart the meaning of the word trustee and will work to continue to strengthen the reputation, honor, camaraderie and quality of education that is our beloved Penn State.

To that end I will work for:

1 .Transparency of governance through strengthened communications and administration.

2. Keeping the students and the value of our university the top priority and the heart of every decision, program and fiscal spend.

3. A Balanced Board:

•  Strengthen the board by adding members who possess skills not currently present (strategy, brand management, marketing communications, public relations and organizational risk management)

•  Avoid adding members whose skills are duplicative (lawyers, wealth managers, CEOs, educators and physicians).

•  Ensure the board reflects the same demographic makeup of the student body to bring a variety of perspectives for stronger outcomes. Currently there are only 5 women on a board of 32.

It is my belief that success and integrity should be inseparable concepts and can be achieved not only through grand accomplishments but in ordinary, everyday decisions.

I pledge my skill sets, experience, and intellect to balancing the board and my heart to strengthening Penn State as a world-class university while maintaining the importance and value of honorable principles.

I am grateful for your consideration and will work diligently to represent you.

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