Board of Trustees

Jeffrey Goldsmith, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Goldsmith:

•  Account executive, Premium Card Solutions

•  1982, community development

•  From Harrisburg

A movement started last year; a movement to take back our university. The board of trustees has been riddled with conflicts that have disconnected it from the true constituencies of the university. The actions of the board over the past two years have brought to light just how lacking it is in the principals and leadership that will be needed to steer a course of excellence over the next decade and beyond.

Economic challenges have hit families hard at the same time that financial aid is being dramatically reduced. The ability of the average family to provide a high quality education for their children is at a greater risk than at any time in recent memory. Against this backdrop, the trustees have wasted millions of dollars, in their efforts to deflect attention from their own failures, by scapegoating Joe Paterno and the football program.

The next stage in reforming the board of trustees will take place in this election. We must elect trustees who will be more committed to the future of our great university, than to their own self interests. I pledge to you my full commitment. We must insist on transparency and accountability on the part of every board member without exception. We can take back our university. I would be honored to have your support to help in doing so. For our children and their children; we must succeed. We are ... and we always will be, Penn State!

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