Board of Trustees

David Mullaly, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Mullaly:

•  retired high school English teacher

•  1969, B.A. in English; 1972, M.A. in English

•  From Annapolis, Md.

What we all wouldn’t give to be able to concentrate on the concerns of most great universities: the growing tuition burden, encouraging great students to attend Penn State, and dealing with the future challenges of online education. However, the events of the past two years require that we respond to the need for long overdue reforms of the board of trustees. And we need to understand that the repeated failures of the current board to protect the interests of Penn State have angered and alienated many thousands of PSU alumni. The power bloc on the board offers “business as usual” while alumni are demanding leaders who evidence a clear devotion to Penn State, and a new credibility.

I organized two rallies on campus last fall to encourage alumni to understand that we needed new leadership, and to keep hope alive. Franco Harris and Anthony Lubrano joined us, and Karen Peetz later described what we were asking for as “anarchy” — instead of a demand for accountability. I organized a statewide giveaway of bumper stickers to encourage Pennsylvania legislators to take alumni voters seriously, and recently spearheaded an effort to send thousands of letters and emails to House members delaying BOT reform bills.

I haven’t just shown up because it’s election time. I’ve been an advocate and activist for Penn State, and I intend to remain one. However, I’d now like the opportunity to speak truth to power on the board of trustees. And I am asking you for your vote.

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