Board of Trustees

Robert McKinnon, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About McKinnon:

•  President, GALEWiLL Design

•  1990, B.A. in communications

•  From Hastings on Hudson, N.Y.

Like you, I love our university.

Like you, I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the friendships, education and opportunities that were only made possible because I chose Penn State, and Penn State chose me.

And like you, I spent sleepless nights and troubled days trying to come to terms with the events of 2011, the actions of our leadership and the picture the media painted of our alma mater that in no way resembled what I knew to be true of her students, alumni and faculty.

There are many things that make our university truly special, but none more so than this extraordinary bond that we have with each other and with our school — one created during our four years on campus but forged over the next 50 off of it.

We root for our football team on Saturday but take more pride in the team’s graduation rate than its record.

We are excited when we land a great job after graduation but are elated when we can help the young alum behind us land theirs.

We give back not just with numbers on checks, but with our actions over time.

Somehow these stories have gotten lost on America.

If you give me this opportunity to represent you, I will act with integrity and principle to make sure that the world knows the true story of Penn State. One that respects our past, responds to our failings and restores our cherished reputation.

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