Board of Trustees

Ted Sebastianelli, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Sebastianelli:

•  Retired military, 2004, Commander, 112th Air Operations Squadron, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, State College; Retired, 2007, Deputy Human Resources Director, Military District of Washington, Fort McNair, DC

•  1969, business, insurance and real estate

•  From State College

When do we rise up, plant our feet, and take a stand? It’s been 17 months since the scandal broke and, sadly, we have yet to defend our university. Instead, we are simply asked to “move on.” Well, it’s not that simple, there’s been untold damage done. We need due process for our university in order to set the record straight. The Board of Trustees and university leadership must begin a deliberate process to get to the truth. Clearly, this fight will take time, but it must be waged with steadfast conviction. And, of course, they must apologize to the Paterno family.

Many very good ideas to reform the board have been raised. In the limited space, I’d also like to mention these. In my opinion, the board should protect free and open debate — any attempts to silence or intimidate others must be challenged mightily. They should stop paying lip service to transparency — this board continues to make bad decisions outside the purview of the public, like failing to break out the specific costs of the scandal. Finally, the board must stop the cronyism — this president and board allowed a trustee to conveniently resign in order to take a $390,000 university job for which he’s not qualified.

More than ever, board members must devote the time and attention to their fiduciary duties while being held fully accountable for their decisions and actions. In short, we deserve trustees who are fully engaged in the business of Penn State. The days of “country club” trustees must end!

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