Board of Trustees

Charles Mazzitti, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Mazzitti:

•  Owner, Mazzitti and Sullivan Counseling Services, Inc.; also Mazzitti and Sullivan EAP Services

•  1980; B.A. in social welfare

•  Elizabethtown

Penn State is one of the top universities in the United States because of our outstanding faculty, research, students, facilities, and athletics. We must not lose sight of these facts during our current self-examination.

The Sandusky crimes tested our resolve as a university. Every one of us has been strongly affected by this tragedy. We must not forget the past or abandon the search for the truth of what happened, but the university must also move forward, continuing its pursuit of excellence. To single-mindedly dwell on our past puts our future at risk.

In order for Penn State to heal, we must do so together, not as separate, divided factions. My candidacy for the board of trustees has shown me the real strength of this Nittany Lion — the enthusiastic hopefulness of our students, the dedication of our faculty, the deep heart of our alumni, and the loyalty of our lettermen — and we must all stand together.

We need all of these voices on the board — not just the well-heeled and well-connected.

As an alumni trustee, I will work for board reform that shrinks the size, restructures the present constituencies and adds faculty representation. I support Penn State being subjected to the open records law and state ethics act.

We must find a new president whose leadership will build upon our foundation of excellence, while coordinating efforts to make a quality education attainable and affordable for Pennsylvania’s citizens.

For the kids. For the glory. For the future.

Join me.