Board of Trustees

Gregory ‘Sandy’ Sanderson, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Sanderson:

•  CEO, CollClubSports

•  2000, mechanical engineering and business logistics

•  From Pittsburgh

My daily interactions with universities throughout North America have reinforced my opinion, that Penn State is world class. My exposure to the successes and shortcomings of other institutions has me eager to bring this knowledge to the board in order to circumvent obstacles and achieve advancement in shaping Penn State.

Through my professional experiences in business, athletics, government and engineering, I now view Penn State as a prestigious corporation of higher learning. Our university has many products to offer its “customers” whether that is an education, research opportunities, state of the art facilities, athletic offerings, or the familyesque community environment where young students can mature into ethical contributors to society.

It is my intention not to maintain the status quo, but to demand that each of these aspects be cutting edge leaders in their offerings not just domestically but globally.

Many speak of Penn State as a brand. It is a brand of education, athletics, and character maturation. Brand loyalty is why we have the largest alumni association, donate to the university, frame our diplomas, don the blue and white, and why Thon breaks records. Loyalty is what has driven us to success in the past, and is a quintessential part of our future.

I am committed to making Penn State the highest regarded institution in the world and ask for your support so that I may bring my passion, energy, and experience to the board to achieve that goal. ... So that “We are,” and always will be, Penn State.

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