Board of Trustees

Ryan Bagwell, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

About Bagwell:

•  Senior web developer, Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group

•  2002, B.A. in music and journalism

•  From Madison, Wis.

Sixteen months have passed since the Sandusky scandal emerged, and the Penn State family remains divided.

Alumni have lost trust in the board of trustees, and its members have done little to repair the self-inflicted damage they caused in 2011. I’m running because I want to help restore that trust so we can finally begin to heal.

My agenda begins with the full and complete disclosure of all records relating to the Sandusky scandal. Since we cannot take officials at their word, documentation is needed to credibly reveal the full story of their actions. Since last year, I’ve been fighting for the release of documents like the contract with Louis Freeh, and will continue that battle in and out of court.

In addition, I will relentlessly pursue meaningful ethics reform, including requiring board members to publicly file annual financial disclosure forms. I will push for further reductions to term limits, work to provide access to university records and combat the practice of rewarding trustees with lucrative university jobs.

Finally, I pledge to begin combating high tuition by freezing rates over the course of a student’s undergraduate career.

As a former journalist who has countless hours reporting on public agencies, I know how transparency breeds accountability and promotes trust in an institution.

Penn State needs someone who will fight for the values that alumni have demanded since 2011. If elected, I pledge to represent the alumni family and continue my relentless fight for truth and reform.

Learn more:; @bagwell4trustee