Board of Trustees

Penn State Board of Trustees alumni election guide

The candidates in election for three alumni seats to Penn State’s Board of Trustees were asked to provide biographical information, a position statement and links to websites, Twitter feeds or Facebook accounts where alumni can learn more information about them.

Thirty-eight of the 39 responded. The candidates are listed below in the order they appear on the ballot.

Voting began April 10 and will continue through May 2.

1. Kathleen Pavelko

2. Pratima Gatehouse

3. Eugene Bella

4. Paul Suhey

5. Thomas Conley

6. John Diercks

7. Edward “Ted” Brown

8. Rudy Glocker (declined to respond and dropped out of race)

9. Christopher Bartnik

10. Vincent Tedesco

11. Bill Cluck

12. Stephanie Deviney

13. John Mason Jr.

14. Robert Bowsher

15. Doreen Schivley

16. J. Andrew Weidman

17. Ben Novak (dropped out of race)

18. O. Richard Bundy

19. Matthew Bird

20. Fred Riefkohl

21. Mark Connolly

22. Barbara Doran

23. Darlene Baker

24. Robert Hooper

25. Amy Williams

26. Robert Grimes

27. Jeffrey Goldsmith

28. David Mullaly

29. Robert McKinnon

30. Ted Sebastianelli

31. Christopher Owens

32. Gregory Slachta

33. Charles “Chuck” Mazzitti

34. Gregory “Sandy” Sanderson

35. Robert Jubelirer

36. William “Bill” Oldsey

37. Patrick Howley

38. Ryan Bagwell

39. Scott Kimler