Board of Trustees

High definition upgrade for scoreboard at Beaver Stadium

The University of Michigan has its “M” logo on the back of the scoreboard at Michigan Stadium. Sure, people know that’s the stadium where the Wolverines play, but the logo is there to build the brand.

Penn State, though, doesn’t have the equivalent at Beaver Stadium.

That would change, an administrator said Thursday, as part of a $10 million replacement of the stadium’s scoreboard being planned by the athletic department.

The scoreboard was installed in 2000 as part of a stadium expansion. But the scoreboard is aging, said Ford Stryker, the university’s vice president for the physical plant, at a committee meeting of the board of trustees.

“If you can imagine having a TV set that old, it doesn’t work so well,” he said.

The new scoreboard would have full-screen, high-definition video panels. The university would upgrade the sound system and install closed-captioning boards below the scoreboard.

And the Nittany Lions logo will be affixed to the back of the scoreboard, Styker said, as a way to enhance the university’s athletics brand.

The scoreboard installation will need approval from College Township’s council, because the stadium sits inside the township limits.

Stryker said the project will be paid with two sources: a university loan to the athletic department and funds from the athletic department.