Board of Trustees

Penn State trustees to consider governance expert

A group of Penn State trustees is expected to recommend Friday that the board hire a firm that will help the university study a number of governance reforms that have been under the public eye in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The governance and long-range planning committee will meet by conference call Friday morning to review the proposals received from firms, the university said. Spokeswoman Annemarie Mountz said that the committee may choose one of the proposals to recommend for approval of the full board at next week’s meeting on campus.

The committee interviewed firms in private on campus two weeks ago. Penn State has adopted a number of reforms in governance, security, ethics and compliance.

The governance consultant is expected to help with determining the best size of the board. Penn State has said that the current size is a good fit because there are six committees, but alumni, lawmakers and even some trustees think the board is too large.

Trustee Keith Eckel has said the hope was to hire an attorney so that attorney-client privilege would apply to the discussions.