Board of Trustees

Donald Trump takes to Twitter, again, to bash Penn State leadership

Donald Trump took a shot at Penn State on Sunday from his Twitter account, bashing university leaders over the events of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The tweet read: “ The wimps that run Penn State should be forced to resign (and be sued) for the pathetic settlement they made and destruction of great legacy.”

Trump’s words appear to refer to the board of trustees, which authorized the university to settle with 26 men claiming they were abused by Sandusky and the legacy of fired coach Joe Paterno.

It’s not the first Twitter attack the business mogul has fired off at Penn State, but it’s not clear what sparked his comments weeks after Penn State announced the settlement that he mentioned in his tweet.

Hours later on Monday, Trump mentioned Penn State again, this time criticizing the NCAA: “ How did the NCAA, which is weak and becoming irrelevant, extract such a big & reputation shattering settlement from Penn State. Others zero!