Board of Trustees

Sen. Yudichak offers bill to cut Penn State Board of Trustees

A state senator introduced legislation Thursday that would reduce the size of Penn State’s board of trustees from 30 members to 23.

Sen. John Yudichak, D-Luzerne, said he has 23 co-sponsors for the Penn State University Board of Trustees Reorganization Act. Yudichak said he worked with Sen. Jake Corman, R-Benner Township, to draft a bill they believe is in the best interest of the university.

Under Yudichak’s proposal, the board would consist of eight elected alumni, five governor appointees, five elected by the state’s agricultural societies and five appointed as business and industry delegates. That’s a reduction of one trustee from each category under the present configuration.

“Penn State students and alumni deserve a fully-engaged, efficient and responsive board of trustees — and that can only be accomplished by reducing the size of the current board and closer aligning the composition to governing boards at similar institutions across the country,” Yudichak said in a statement.

Last year, Penn State’s board enacted reforms that removed the voting powers of the university president and state governor.

The board hired a lawyer to help with a number of outstanding governance reforms, such as the size and composition of the board. The initial discussions took place last week in private.

Yudichak’s proposal would bar the governor, lieutenant governor and state row officers from serving on the board.