Board of Trustees

Retired Army colonel seeking Penn State board seat

A retired Army colonel from northern Virginia will seek one of the alumni seats on the Penn State board of trustees.

Vincent Tedesco III, of Alexandria, Va., said Monday he had received the required 50 nominations to appear on the ballot this spring. Tedesco described himself as a reformist candidate who wants to see governance improvements, more transparency and a proper honoring of longtime coach Joe Paterno.

“The events of November of 2011 and the things that we have learned since have been profoundly disturbing to me,” said Tedesco, who received his master’s in history in 1995 and his bachelor’s in history in 1986.

Tedesco said the university must modernize is governance and institute “systematic transparency.” He also said his priorities include restoring the university’s reputation and making tuition more affordable for students.

Tedesco’s father, Vincent Tedesco Jr., ran for the board the past two years. This is the son’s first attempt.

A 26-year Army veteran, Tedesco retired as a colonel in 2011 with four wartime deployments to the Middle East. He now works with Booz Allen Hamilton as a defense consultant. Tedesco said his military experience taught him leadership and management skills he would use on the board.

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