Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Jerry Sandusky attorneys ask to subpoena NBC employee over Costas interview

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Attorneys for Jerry Sandusky have a new witness on their list.

In documents filed Wednesday in Centre County court, Al Lindsay and Andrew Salemme asked for an out-of-state subpoena to be issued for the penitentiary hearings being held in Sandusky’s quest for a new trial or overturned conviction.

The attorneys for the retired Penn State football defensive coordinator convicted of 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse crimes in 2012 want to talk to Kimberly Kaplan, a former producer at NBC.

In a March evidentiary hearing, Lindsay laid the groundwork for the request in questioning of Sandusky’s trial attorney, Joseph Amendola. One of the grounds for Sandusky’s Post-conviction Collateral Relief Act petition is inadequate counsel by his then attorneys.

Amendola became upset during questioning when asked if he delivered an unexpected interview with Sandusky in November 2011 to appease NBC after a mix-up with an interview at CNN that aired before the planned exclusive with Bob Costas.

“Did you happen to tell Mr. Sandusky that this would make (producer) Kim Kaplan and NBC happy if he did this interview?” Lindsay asked then.

The interview became famous for Sandusky’s long pause before answering Costas’s question: “Are you sexually attracted to young boys?”

Kaplan, now being called a material witness, lists the “Rock Center with Brian Williams” episode “Sandusky Speaks” on her LinkedIn accomplishments. The episode won an Emmy. The show was canceled in 2013.

Today, Kaplan works for Snapchat, according to her LinkedIn page. She is being called for the next hearing in the Sandusky case on May 11.

Lindsay and Salemme have also raised the possibility of calling CNN’s Sara Ganim, a former Centre Daily Times and Patriot News reporter, to testify regarding grand jury leaks. Cristal Jones of CNN said the network had no comment.

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