Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Local attorneys Shubin and Andronici deride Sandusky's interview

Local attorneys Andrew Shubin and Justine Andronici released a statement Saturday in response to Jerry Sandusky’s interview with The New York Times. They are representing an alleged victim.

“Once again, Jerry Sandusky has chosen to provide the national media with an entirely unconvincing denial and a series of bizarre explanations,” Shubin said. “If he had any compassion for his victims or our community, he would immediately accept responsibility for his behavior, express remorse for the pain he has caused, and spare the victims, their families, and our community further trauma.”

Andronici, a victim’s rights and civil rights attorney working on the case with Shubin, said: “This is just another awful chapter in a story that has already devastated the lives of many people. Jerry Sandusky’s victims and their families are struggling with so much pain. Sandusky needs to know that with every denial, every attempt to cast himself as the victim in this case, he inflicts more suffering on the actual victims, those he sexually abused. His statements about the victims in his interview are particularly disturbing. He claims that some victims were ‘drawn into this,’ and talks about all the ‘positive’ things he did for them -- as if his gifts could somehow compensate them for his abuse. This type of delusional rationalization is classic in these kinds of cases. Pedophiles often horribly mischaracterize the abuse they perpetrate as something that their victims sought or benefitted from. ”

David J. Marshall, an attorney with the D.C. civil rights law firm of Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP, that has partnered with Andronici and Shubin on the case, said: “Sandusky’s lengthy interview goes a long way toward corroborating the victims’ accounts and further expanding the web of liability. He admits he ‘wrestled’ and showered alone with boys, gave them gifts and money, and travelled with them. Surprisingly, Sandusky’s interview also revealed that to this day, Penn State has not taken away Sandusky’s keys to the Football locker room where so much of the abuse occurred.”