Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Poll: Pa. voters approve of PSU decision to fire Paterno, Spanier

By a slim 52 – 43 percent majority, Pennsylvania voters support the decision to fire Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.  By a much larger 74 – 13 percent margin, voters support the firing of University President Graham Spanier.

And 65 percent of respondents also said they believe football has too much influence at Penn State, while only 25 percent said it had about the right amount of influence. However, 67 percent agreed that it would be a “bad idea” for Penn State to decline a bowl bid.

Pennsylvania voters have more love for the legendary football coach than for Graham Spanier, but they agree that Joe must go, said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said in a news release issued early this morning.

By a large majority, Pennsylvanians feel there is too much emphasis on the football program at Penn State.  Clearly the scandal has shaken the university to its foundations and may forever reshape its football program despite the clear indication from our polling that Pennsylvanians don’t want the players or team penalized.”

Pennsylvania voters split, 38 to 36 percent, in their approval of the way Gov. Tom Corbett handled the child sex abuse case involving former coach Jerry Sandusky. They gave  Corbett an overall job approval rating of 47 – 34 percent, compared to 46 – 31 percent as of November 10.

The poll was based on a survey of 1,453 registered voters, conducted from Nov. 28 through Dec. 5. It has a margin of error of  2.6 percentage points.