Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Amendola seeks details of alleged sex assault incidents

Jerry Sandusky’s attorney has filed a request seeking specific information from the Attorney General’s Office about the accusers who say the former defensive coordinator abused them.

In the 21-page request filed Wednesday, Joe Amendola wants the names, addresses and dates of birth of all the accusers as well as all witnesses. He also wants the exact times, dates and locations of the alleged offenses.

“Without such particulars, the (d)efendant cannot ascertain if he has an alibi offense to these charges, or whether he has a defense based upon the applicable statute of limitations, and cannot otherwise properly and adequately prepare for his defense at trial,” Amendola wrote in the filing.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Marc Costanzo said prosecutors will issue some kind of response, but he said they don’t have to give Amendola everything he’s requested.

A judge could have a hearing to determine how much information could be made available to the defense.

Sandusky challenges insurance firm

In Williamsport on Thursday, Jerry Sandusky filed a response to the federal lawsuit in which the insurance company for The Second Mile is seeking a court order stating it does not have to pay for his legal costs.

Sandusky opposes the request and in the response filed in U.S. Middle District Court claims should Federal Insurance Co. prevail, it could have a chilling effect on individuals taking part in charitable, community or educational endeavors involving children because they may not have coverage.

The insurance company acknowledges the policy of the charity Sandusky founded in 1977 provides coverage for legal costs.

But it contends paying them in a case arising from sexual assault, molestation or abuse is repugnant to Pennsylvania public policy and so should be barred.