Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Sandusky's attorney requests host of information

BELLEFONTE — The attorney for Jerry Sandusky is requesting a host of information from prosecutors — including the transcripts of secret grand jury testimony — to prepare for possible trial.

Joe Amendola’s request for pre-trial discovery materials was made available on the county’s website Tuesday morning.

In the filing, Amendola said he’s received some information from prosecutors, but some pages have been redacted. He’s requesting full, complete and non-redacted copies.

The request for information includes the following:

grand jury testimony made by people from 2008 to Dec. 29, 2011;

complete police reports from various investigations, including the 1998 Penn State investigation into an allegation Sandusky showered with a young boy;

materials taken from Sandusky’s home after a search warrant was executed on June 21, 2011;

names and addresses of people offered immunity

Second Mile photos;

copies of medical and psychological reports

Amendola wrote that information he’s requesting contain notes and information which are exculpatory in nature and could show the accusers’ allegations against his client aren’t consistent or truthful.

The deadline to file pre-trial discovery motions is Wednesday.

As for the grand jury transcripts, Amendola is asking for the transcripts by Feb. 28.

State law holds that a transcript of a witness’s grand jury testimony be made available after that person testifies at trial. Amendola is arguing that an early disclosure of the transcripts is allowed by law.

Amendola said as many as 100 witnesses may have testified before the grand jury panels, and Sandusky believes some of them testified several times. He also believes the witnesses will be called to testify for the prosecution during a trial scheduled to be held later this year. Amendola said that if he's given the lengthy transcripts after the witnesses testify at trial, the case would be repeatedly interrupted as he takes time to analyze them.

Sandusky may be in court on Friday for a scheduled hearing to modify his bail. He’s asking for supervised visits with grandchildren, but his bail stipulates he have no contact with anyone younger than 18.

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