Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Amendola wants trove of documents in case against Sandusky

BELLEFONTE — Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer wants to see the pages of the complete 1998 Penn State police investigation into his client.

He also wants transcripts of the people who testified in front of the grand jury and the phone numbers of his accusers to investigate if they conspired to make accusations.

And, he wants a report that shows an interview prosecutors had with former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

Those four items comprise a small sample of the thousands of pieces of evidence Joe Amendola requested Tuesday from prosecutors. He filed a motion to compel the Attorney General’s Office to provide him the evidence as part of the pre-trial discovery process.

The deadline for such motions is today.

Amendola said he has received some information from prosecutors under previous discovery requests. But, he said, some pages are blacked out or are missing and being withheld by the prosecutors.

He’s requesting full, complete and unredacted copies of various police reports, investigative reports, subpoenas, and medical and psychological evaluations.

The Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday the defense’s discovery motion was under review.

Amendola said Sandusky thinks the requested evidence contains “notes and information which are exculpatory in nature and will tend to show the accusers’/ alleged victims’ allegations against the (d)efendant have not been consistent or truthful.”

Amendola filed a separate request asking the judge for an early release of the grand jury testimony taken between 2008 and Dec. 29, 2011.

State law says a person’s grand jury testimony can’t be released until after the person testifies at trial, but Amendola is arguing that an early disclosure of the transcripts is allowed by law.

Amendola said as many as 100 witnesses may have testified before the grand jury panels, and Sandusky thinks some of them testified several times.

The defense thinks the witnesses will be called to testify for the prosecution during a trial scheduled to be held later this year. Amendola said that if he’s given the lengthy transcripts after the witnesses testify at trial, the case would be repeatedly interrupted as he takes time to analyze them.

Amendola is asking for the transcripts by Feb. 28.

The judge hearing the case, Senior Judge John Cleland, said a hearing scheduled for Friday on Sandusky’s bail request can be used to address the motions made Tuesday. But, the judge urged Amendola and the prosecutors to settle the issue before the hearing.

One of the items requested references Penn State police’s 1998 investigation into Sandusky in which a mother reported that Sandusky showered with her young son in a university football building.

Amendola wrote that a page from the current investigation report “describes an interview with Karen Arnold, a former assistant district attorney of Centre County, wherein she and former District Attorney Ray Gricar had extensive disagreements over a 1998 police investigation” into Sandusky.

In an email Tuesday, Arnold inferred what Amendola said was not true, but she didn’t elaborate.

“If you want to know what I said on anything concerning the 1998 investigation, you will find that in my grand jury testimony,” Arnold said in the email.

Amendola further requested all documents from the Centre County District Attorney’s Office about the investigation, as well as Gricar’s communications about his decision not to prosecute Sandusky.

Amendola is also requesting:

All Child and Youth Services reports opened because of allegations from Sandusky’s accusers, including ones from Centre and Clinton counties. A Clinton County boy’s report in 2008 is what triggered the investigation;

1,400 photos, including photos seized from The Second Mile. Amendola indicated they were in eight boxes.

Documents related to the football team travel to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla., in 1998-99, as well as where the team stayed.

A complete list of all the witnesses that prosecutors intend to call, including a narrative of the anticipated testimony;

The identities of anyone who came forward as potential victims but didn’t fit the profile or whose report was deemed to be false;

Copies of polygraph testing from people interviewed by authorities;

Identities of all state police troopers and Attorney General’s Office investigators in the case;

Copies of 1,140 grand jury subpoenas, including those for the websites and forums of and;

Copies of photos, books, and computer hard drives that were seized from Sandusky’s Lemont house during a search on June 21, 2011;

Names of people offered immunity from prosecution in return for testifying or evidence; and

Various State College, Penn State, Bellefonte and Spring Township and state police investigative reports, including the current report.

Mike Dawson can be reached at 231-4616. The Associated Press contributed to this report.