Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Sandusky defense opposes out-of-county jury

Jerry Sandusky thinks he can get a fair trial with jurors from Centre County.

His attorney, Joe Amendola, even suggests delaying the child sex abuse cases to let media frenzy subside.

The comments were filed by Amendola in paperwork this morning arguing against the prosecution’s request for out-of-county jurors.

Prosecutors had cited intense media coverage and Centre County residents’ intimate connection to Penn State as reasons they couldn’t be fair jurors.

But Amendola wrote that the intense media coverage has extended beyond Centre County, and he disagreed about the connection between county residents and the university.

Sandusky thinks “a jury selected from the Centre County community will be uniquely qualified to hear his cases in a fair and impartial manner,” Amendola wrote.

Amendola also filed his objection to prosecutors’ strongly worded opposition for a request to modify Sandusky’s bail. Prosecutors are seeking tougher restrictions that would bar him from leaving his home except to get medical treatment.

Sandusky wants to have contact with his grandchildren and family friends and be able to leave his home with his defense team.

But prosecutors argued that he’s on house arrest and lucky not be in jail. They raised safety concerns that Sandusky had been seen outside his home watching children play on the playground of Lemont Elementary School.

Sandusky denies he’s a risk and said there’s no basis for prosecutors to seek harsher restrictions.

A hearing is set for Friday to address the prosecution’s request for an out-of-county jury and the terms of Sandusky’s bail.

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