Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Sandusky defense to seek additional information on charges at court hearing today

The attorney for Jerry Sandusky will appear in court this morning seeking more specific information about the charges against the former Penn State defensive coordinator.

In his request for a “more specifc” bill of particulars, Joe Amendola wants to know the specific times and dates of the alleged abuse as well as the identities of anyone who was present at the locations of the alleged abuse. He also wants to know if the alleged abuse happened during any special events, such as a football game.

Amendola is seeking that for each of the 52 counts against him.

Amendola first requested the information, which is standard procedure, and the prosecution gave him a date range and places of the alleged abuse for each of the 10 accusers.

Amendola said Sandusky will not attend the hearing, which starts at 11 a.m.

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