Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Prosecution revises several allegations against Sandusky

Editor’s note: The following contains graphic material. Reader discretion is advised.

State prosecutors have provided new details about allegations in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse case.

The state Attorney General’s Office changed some information and added details to some of the allegations against Sandusky in court documents filed Friday.

The filings offer more specific information — at times graphically — about where and when the state alleges the abuse took place and what they charge Sandusky did to the 10 boys.

For example, the state said Sandusky had oral sex with alleged Victim 1 in the Hilton Garden Inn, at the Central Mountain Middle School in Clinton County and in Sandusky’s Grandview Road home.

In other cases, prosecutors changed the dates of when the alleged abuse took place. With alleged Victim 7, the prosecution had said the abuse occurred between 1996 and 1999 and now says it happened between September 1995 and December 1996. The age of the alleged victim was changed too — from 11 to 14 years old, to 9 to 11.

In its motion to modify the information, the prosecution said it wants “to clarify and update the dates, locations and conduct” of the alleged offenses. Prosecutors didn’t add any new charges.

Sandusky’s attorney, Joe Amendola, has repeatedly asked for more details about the allegations as the June trial date approaches.

Senior Judge John Cleland issued an order allowing for the changes, by amending what’s called prosecutors’ bill of particulars to include the newly filed information.

The defense was informed of the changes and did not object to them, according to the motion.

Amendola declined to comment on the specifics, pointing to a gag order Cleland issued in the case.

“I’ll review the documents, and, if a response is appropriate, I’ll file a legal response to the commonwealth’s amendments,” Amendola said.

The spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office could not be reached for comment Friday evening.

Sandusky, a former former Penn State assistant football coach is facing 52 counts for allegedly abusing boys he met through The Second Mile, a nonprofit he founded for at-risk children. 

For months, Amendola has asked the state for more specific information about when and where the abuse allegedly occurred, saying the charges have been too vague to prepare a defense.

While prosecutors said they’ve been as specific about the charges as they could be, Amendola continued seeking more detailed information. He made the argument most recently in motions filed Wednesday.

The same day, Amendola and prosecutors met behind closed doors with Cleland in the Centre County Courthouse.

Attorneys on both sides declined to comment on the nature of that pre-trial conference, citing the gag order.

Amendola also filed a motion Wednesday asking Cleland to dismiss the charges relating to two victims who have been identified.

Cleland did not issue a decision on that motion, or on Amendola’s request to delay the trial.

Jury selection is set to begin June 5, and Amendola said the defense needs time to find potential witnesses who became known through past discovery materials from the prosecution.

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