Jerry Sandusky Scandal

9 jurors chosen for Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial span mix of ages, jobs

A Penn State student from Penns Valley who knew a local football coach who testified to the grand jury investigating Jerry Sandusky is one of the jurors who will decide the fate of the former football coach.

Jury selection in the child sex abuse case against Sandusky got under way Tuesday in the Centre County Courthouse. The day started with about 211 potential jurors.

Five men and four women were selected.

Another seven will need to be picked to have the needed 12 jurors and four alternates.

Here's a look at the nine Centre County residents chosen during the first round of selection to serve on the jury:


A middle-aged woman was the first juror chosen. She works at Walmart.


A 24-year-old man who is going to the Pennsylvania College of Technology, a Penn State affiliate, in the fall.


A middle-aged woman whose husband is a doctor at the physicians’ group that John McQueary Sr. used to manage. She said she has been getting season tickets to Penn State football games since 1976. McQueary’s son Mike testified that he walked in on Sandusky naked in a shower with a boy.


A State College engineer. He said he believes he “can be open-minded.”


A physics and chemistry teacher at Bellefonte Area High School. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Penn State.


A young woman who works at The Apartment Store in State College. She said she doesn’t follow the news and knows little about the case.


The rising Penn State senior who knows a prosecution witness. He works at Penn State’s Multisport Facility and had a cousin who had played football for Joe Paterno. He said he knows prosecution witness Steve Turchetta, of Central Mountain High School. Prosecutors allege Sandusky abused a boy who went to school there.


A retired Penn State soil science professor who said he can keep an open mind.


A woman who drove a bus for 17 years. “I would have to hear everything from both sides in order to make my decision,” she said.

Jury Commissioner Hope Miller said the jury selection process went very well Tuesday.

“Judge Cleland did an excellent job this morning,” Miller said of Senior Judge John Cleland, who is presiding over the proceedings.

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