Jerry Sandusky Scandal

The career of, case against Jerry Sandusky

Centre Daily Times


Jerry Sandusky plays defensive end at Penn State


Sandusky marries Dottie; Joe Paterno named head coach at Penn State


Sandusky starts coaching at Penn State


Sandusky starts The Second Mile for at-risk boys, later expanded to girls

Jan. 2, 1987

Penn State beats Miami to win national title at Fiesta Bowl; victory attributed to Sandusky’s defense


Police investigate report from mother of a Second Mile boy that Sandusky showered with him; no charges are filed

Dec. 28, 1999

Penn State shuts out Texas A&M in Alamo Bowl, Sandusky’s last game; he retires from Penn State, devotes himself to Second Mile

Feb. 9, 2001*

Then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary allegedly walks into Lasch Building to find Sandusky naked in shower with a boy; Sandusky says incident was not sexual


Sandusky steps down from full-time role with Second Mile


Alleged victim 1 sparks investigation by state attorney general


Grand jury investigation into Sandusky begins


Sandusky unsuccesfully applies to be assistant coach at Juniata College

Jan. 12, 2011

Paterno and Penn State administrators Curley and Schultz testify before grand jury

Nov. 5

Sandusky arraigned on 40 counts of child sex abuse

Nov. 7

Athletics director Tim Curley and retired VP Gary Schultz are arraigned on charges of perjury and failure to report abuse

Nov. 9

Penn State trustees announce they’re firing Paterno as coach and Graham Spanier as president, sparking student riots

Nov. 14

Sandusky does phone interview with Bob Costas broadcast on TV

Nov. 21

Penn State appoints former FBI director Louis Freeh to investigate university’s handling of allegations

Nov. 22

Senior Judge John Cleland, of McKean County, appointed

Dec. 7

Sandusky arrested and arraigned on 12 more counts, put on house arrest; in statement, Dottie Sandusky says she’s been devastated by allegations and believes husband is innocent

Dec. 13

Sandusky waives right to preliminary hearing

Dec. 16

Charges against Curley and Schultz bound over for trial at preliminary hearing; McQueary testifies at hearing; Paterno’s testimony to grand jury read

Jan. 7, 2012

Bill O’Brien appointed head football coach

Jan. 11

It’s revealed Curley is fighting lung cancer

Jan 22

Paterno dies of lung cancer

Feb. 10

In statement after hearing, Sandusky says he’s saddened he can’t see his grandchildren and that people he knows have turned on him

March 21

Penn State announces contract to pay for counseling of alleged victims

March 24

Penn State police report from 1998 investigation leaked to media shows a State College psychologist’s report that says Sandusky exhibited signs of a pedophile

March 29

Cleland delays trial from mid-May to June 5

April 9

Cleland issues gag order

May 4

Results from Penn State trustees elections are announced. Alumni elect three new trustees from a field of 86 candidates

May 8

McQueary files legal papers announcing intent to sue the university

May 9

Attorney Joe Amendola files motion with Cleland to delay trial

May 25

Spanier files civil lawsuit to get access to Penn State emails; Second Mile announces plans to shut down

May 30

Cleland denies request to delay trial

May 31

Attorney Karl Rominger files petition with state Superior Court asking for trial to be delayed

June 1

Superior Court rejects request for delay; defense appeals to Supreme Court

June 5

Jury selection to begin

*Prosecutors initially said shower incident took place in March 2002