Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Attorney: Jerry Sandusky maintains innocence

One of Jerry Sandusky’s attorneys said the former defensive coach is maintaining his innocence from inside the confines of the Centre County jail.

On Monday, Karl Rominger visited Sandusky, who was convicted Friday night on 45 of 48 counts of child sexual abuse and taken to the jail to await sentencing.

He’s not allowed visits from family or friends, except for his attorneys, until a doctor performs a psychological evaluation.

That should happen sometime this week, said Denise Elbell, the county’s acting administrator for the jail. She said Sandusky remains on suicide watch as a precautionary measure.

“We’re doing everything according to the same way we do with anyone else,” Elbell said.

Rominger said Sandusky is doing well but wants to be taken off suicide watch. He told a Harrisburg radio station on Monday that there’s “absolutely zero” chance Sandusky would commit suicide.

Sandusky’s also eager to see his family and friends.

According to the Associated Press, Rominger said Sandusky told him: “If I have to keep sitting in this room for another three or four days without being able to talk to anybody, I might start to need help at that point.”

Also Monday, the county released the verdict slips used for the jury to record its tallies of guilty and not guilty.

After Sandusky was convicted, an evaluation of him was ordered to see if he’s a sexually violent predator. He’ll have to go before the state Sexual Offender Assessment Board.

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