Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Penn State costs from Sandusky scandal reach nearly $12 million

As of the end of April, the Jerry Sandusky scandal had cost Penn State close to $12 million in legal fees and other expenses.

The $11.9 million price tag includes $7.6 million in fees for crisis communications and the bill for the investigation Penn State hired Louis Freeh to do.

The report from the former FBI director into the university’s response to the Sandusky allegations and whether there was a cover-up could be out by the end of July.

Penn State President Rodney Erickson said Friday that he expects the report to be completed by mid- to late July. The university has said that the board of trustees won’t get the report before the public.

The $12 million in costs includes $2.6 million that was paid out for university legal services and defense. Another $870,335 went to pay legal fees for former administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz and former President Graham Spanier.

The Penn State bylaws say the university will cover the legal fees for officers facing civil or criminal action.

Curley and Schultz are facing perjury charges for testimony they gave to the grand jury investigating Sandusky.

Trustees have said the Freeh report is completely independent, and investigators have reportedly interviewed several hundred people as part of the look into who knew about the allegations of child sex abuse and when. The Freeh report is also expected to include recommendations for changes in policy and procedures.

Spanier filed a suit against the university, demanding access to emails the suit said would help him respond to questions from Freeh investigators. The university responded that doing so would go against the state attorney general’s request not to release information related to its ongoing investigation.

The university posts the latest expenses on its “Progress” website. The $12 million is up from the end of March, when the price tag for the scandal was $9.6 million. The university expects reimbursements from its insurance policies to cover some of the costs.

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