Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Tim Curley's attorney: Freeh report incomplete; client looks forward to day in court

Caroline Roberto, attorney for Tim Curley, issued this statement today:

"The Freeh Group was limited in its investigation by lack of subpoena power and the reluctance of many people to be interviewed. Therefore, the Freeh Report has limited impact on the defense of Tim Curley. At the request of the Pennsylvania Attorney General, the Freeh Group did not interview critical witnesses, such as Mike McQueary and others. The result is a lopsided document that leaves the majority of the story untold."

"Thus, the conclusions reached in the Freeh Report are based on an incomplete record."

"A complete record can and will be made in a court of law, aided by the power of subpoena, where all of the witnesses are subject to thorough cross examination. Fortunately for Mr. Curley, the Constitution guarantees that the criminal charges pending against him will be decided by twelve citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania based upon proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and not upon mere opinions drawn from limited sources."

"Mr. Curley looks forward to his day in court and the opportunity to present a comprehensive slate of facts to an impartial jury, within the fair confines of a judicial proceeding where he is presumed innocent."