Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Jerry Sandusky attorney appeals ‘leaks’ ruling

One of Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorneys filed an appeal Thursday of a judge’s ruling that sought to put an end to leaks in the case.

Karl Rominger is appealing Judge John Cleland’s June 26 order that put a stop to the release of materials that weren’t introduced at trial.

Cleland said the order was to protect the privacy of victims and others who could testify or have testified to the grand jury.

It came the same day that NBC aired audio clips of Matt Sandusky’s interview with state police, during which he said he was molested by his step-father, Jerry Sandusky.

Cleland said defense attorneys had 10 days to provide him and the supervising grand jury judge under oath a list of materials and with whom they’ve shared them.

In his appeal, Rominger said the order creates a situation where defense attorneys are forced to divulge their thought processes or strategies, which could then be seen by the court or opposing counsels.

Rominger filed his appeal with the state Superior Court.

Sandusky was convicted in June on 45 of 48 counts on charges that he sexually abused 10 young boys.