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Leaders postpone issue of renaming Park Avenue to honor Paterno

In light of recent events, two municipal leaders have agreed to table indefinitely the issue of renaming Park Avenue in honor of Joe Paterno.

Tony Ricciardi, a local radio personality and program director for 93.7 The Bus, started an online petition for the change in January, following Paterno’s death.

About 7,000 people signed on, and Ricciardi took the request to State College and College Township, through which Park Avenue traverses.

State College Borough Council President Don Hahn and College Township Council Chairman Dave Fryer spoke Monday, Hahn said, and agreed to table the proposal.

Hahn said he plans to present the recommendation to the full Borough Council at its Aug. 6 meeting.

Hahn said it’s possible the issue will arise again for discussion, but compared it to the renaming of the borough’s municipal building plaza for late Mayor Bill Welch, which was done the year after he died.

“Maybe that’s a good precedent to follow,” Hahn said.

Ricciardi said Hahn discussed with him the plan to table the proposal, and he agreed it “was the right thing to do, given that public support has eroded for the street renaming.”

Ricciardi said time will tell if the idea could be reintroduced later.