Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Freeh team member says NCAA shouldn't have relied only on that report for Penn State sanctions

A member of the Louis Freeh team doesn't think the NCAA should have used that Penn State-commissioned report as its only source when deciding on sanctions against the university.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting today that a source familiar with the investigation said the report "was not meant to be used as the sole piece, or the large piece, of the NCAA's decision-making."

"It was meant to be a mechanism to help Penn State move forward. To be used otherwise creates an obstacle to the institution changing," the Chronicle quotes the source as saying.

The NCAA, citing the Freeh report, announced unprecedented sanctions against Penn State Monday. Along with paying a $60 million penalty, the university will be barred from bowl games for four years.

Penn State trustees accepted the Freeh report and say they are going to implement the recommended changes. University President Erickson accepted the NCAA sanctions, saying if he hadn't the university faced the prospect of even harsher penalties, including the death penalty for the football team.