Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Jerry Sandusky prosecutors stepping aside during appeal of order

Two of the state attorneys who had prosecuted Jerry Sandusky are asking to hand off representation of the Commonwealth during the defense’s appeal of a protective order.

The state filed the request in the state Superior Court, withdrawing the appearances of chief prosecutor Joe McGettigan and Jonelle Eshbach in the case.

The request has a Wednesday filing date.

Defense attorney Karl Rominger is appealing an order Judge John Cleland issued to stop the leaking of information about the case that had not been presented at trial.

On Aug. 1, Cleland issued an order directing Rominger to follow the proper procedure and give his reasons for appealing the order.

The state Attorney General spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment.

Sandusky was convicted in June on 45 counts of sexually abusing boys.He is in Centre County prison awaiting sentencing.