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Freeh report recommendations get look

The integrity agreement Penn State signed this week will obligate the university to adopt all of Louis Freeh’s recommendations for the athletic department.

The university’s board of trustees is studying how to implement all of the 119 recommendations made by Freeh, and board members said they will implement as many as they can.

Here’s a look at Freeh’s recommendations concerning the athletic department:

revise the organizational structure of the athletic department and clearly define who reports to whom;

evaluate security and access protocols for facilities;

perform national searches for job candidates;

integrate academic support staff, programs and locations for student-athletes;

give the athletics compliance office more staff and resources to meet its needs; and

ensure that athletics employees comply with university training mandates.

As part of the agreement, the university will hire the athletics integrity officer and appoint and integrity council. The university has 120 days to do both.

The cost associated with hiring an athletics integrity officer hasn’t been determined yet, said Penn State spokesman David La Torre.

About 800 student athletes and 300 athletes employees will have to take an annual training on the NCAA constitution and its bylaws, the Big Ten handbook, and the athletic department’s policies.

Former Sen. George Mitchell was appointed to monitor the progress.

He’s expected to visit campus regularly and will provide quarterly reports that will be made public.

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